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Summer School Program

Vallecito Union School District’s Summer On-Line Learning Program

This summer we are excited to offer several free on-line learning opportunities for students. There will be an incentive available for students participating in this summer learning program.  Any student completing 5 lessons on i-Ready and/or successfully completing 5 AR reading tests (with 80% or better) and/or completing 5 Math Facts in a Flash levels will be invited to a beginning of the year ice cream party. Even more importantly, your child will have academic opportunities to be better prepared for the upcoming school year. Please read about these options below and click on a link.


i-Ready is an on-line program that enhances student learning through adaptive on-line lessons in both math and reading.  There is a diagnostic feature that students have already completed, which calibrated a custom set of lessons for every student’s particular learning needs.  It contains Common Core curriculum to assist in giving students a jump start into the new Common Core Standards.  With the free trial of this program this year, it provides teachers greater insight on student success, and a great learning opportunity for our students this summer.     

Accelerated Reader

To promote summer reading, the Vallecito Union School District is coordinating with the surrounding libraries in Arnold, Murphy, and Angels Camp, to support Accelerated Reader.  The students will have use of the computers in the Public Libraries to take on-line reading tests.  AR helps students choose books that they can read independently.  Once they complete a reading level, they will have the opportunity to progress in their next reading level book.  The on-line version of Accelerated Reader encompasses the books available in the Public Library.  Our Public Librarians are excited to help our students pick out books this summer.  Please visit a local Library and check out a great book. *Parents must sign an acceptable use policy with the Public Library to use the computers as they are unfiltered.

Math Facts in a Flash  (Updated)


Math Facts in a Flash is an on-line math program that helps students commit to memory math facts.  It is ideal for students in grades 1-6 and students will be rewarded by completing 5 levels.  It uses a variety of tools to keep students engaged.  The tests are personalized because they are based on the students’ performance.  The program will be expanded during the summer, so students can keep their mathematical skills sharpened over the summer by doing Math Facts in a Flash! 


Each student has been given an account user name and password for these programs. 

For password or technical issues, please contact our support team at

AR Book List

Curious if the book you are reading is an AR book? Just click on and you will be whisked away to AR book land, where fairies, magic, and all things cool will help you find the answer.